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PCORnet CC: Direct to Patient Recruitment Resources

The goal of this guidance document is to provide researchers a brief introduction to tools aimed at direct- to-consumer recruitment to research networks and trials. While the review isn’t a comprehensive landscape analysis of the entire tool domain, it’s an accurate snapshot of tool development and utilization across PCORnet and the TIN in 2017–2018. Many […]

IBD Partners: Top Citizen Scientist Award Toolkit: A Model for Meaningful Engagement

In this toolkit, you will find resources IBD Partners used to create the Top Citizen Scientist Award Program. The goal of the program is to further increase participant engagement and publicly elevate the significant contributions of citizen scientists in hopes others will understand their vital role in moving IBD research forward and be inspired to get […]

PXE International: People-Driven Research Toolkit

The People-Driven Research Toolkit is intended to facilitate people-driven research ideation and prioritization. PXE International created this toolkit to help communities and others lead research prioritization in their community.  Open the interactive PDF document in Adobe Reader to fully benefit from its use. Published: May 2017

NIH Collaboratory: Rethinking Clinical Trials (R): A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials

NIH Collaboratory’s Rethinking Clinical Trials: A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials is a resource that provides information about how to understand, design, conduct, analyze, and disseminate pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs).

PCORnet Publication Guidance Document

This document was created by the Research Committee Publications Working Group and provides recommendations for authorship, manuscript concepts, writing teams, review and approval process, acknowledgments, and resolution of disputes. The document also includes appendices which may be modified for your purposes. Published: September 28, 2016

Best Practice Sharing Session: PRIDEnet and AR-PoWER: Community Engagement Using Digital Technologies

This presentation from PRIDEnet and AR-POWER PPRN explores community engagement practices using online technologies. Use this guide to learn how to use multiple tools and platforms in engagement. Presented: October 19, 2016 Speakers: Mitchell Lunn, MD, PRIDEnet PPRN and Ben Nowell PhD, MSW, ArthritisPower PPRN