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Greater Plains Collaborative: Principles of Partnership Self‐Assessment Tool

The purpose of GPC’s self-assessment tool is to determine the extent to which their networks research has abided by the “Community Partnership for Health” guiding principles of engagement. Use this assessment tool to help you identify the extent to which your research has incorporated engagement principles.  

Mid-South CDRN: Trial Accrual Tool and Instructions

The purpose of this tool is to be able to create targets and track accruals of human participants for clinical trials over a specified period of time. You may use this resource for your own research projects; instructions for use are posted below and are also embedded in the template. Accrual graph instructions (.doc) Trial Accrual […]

Mid-South CDRN: Clinical Trials Recruitment Graphic Tool

This paired spreadsheet and instruction set provides a template and explanation of how to create a graphic representation of recruitment of participants over time. This tool can be used to understand recruitment or “accrual”, as the tool refers to it, in reports or develop ones of your own. Instructions: Accrual graph instructions- generic for sharing […]

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Patient & Caregiver Powered Research Network (AD-PCPRN): Governance Policy

This is Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Patient & Caregiver Powered Research Network (ADPCPRN) governance policy. Use it to better understand the governance and operational aspects of the ADPCPRN.