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PCORnet Obesity Demo Projects: Cycles 1-5 Evaluation Survey Questions

This resource contains the PCORnet Obesity Demo Projects [Antibiotics Study (ABX) and the PCORnet Bariatric Study (PBS)] evaluation survey questions from interim evaluation cycles 1-5. The evaluation activities for the Obesity Demo Projects focused on assessment of overall network functionality and PCORnet infrastructure support of large-scale observational research. Study-specific language has been removed and the […]

SMART IRB Toolkit V1

This SMART IRB toolkit provides templates, guides, and best practices for institutions that would like to join SMART IRB or use it for a study. The toolkit chronologically outlines the necessary pieces around joining and using SMART IRB and provides support for both reviewing IRBs and relying institutions. Please reach out to Tamara Wurst (@tamara-wurst) if you […]

Quality by Design Principles for PCORnet Clinical Trials

This document was prepared by the Clinical Trials Task Force and adapted from a project conducted by the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative. The content of the document is meant to promote proactive, cross-functional discussions and critical thinking as you begin trial development.

PCORnet Engagement Committee: Engagement Assessment Tool

This tool describes important principles to consider throughout your shared research process. These engagement principles can help nurture essential partnerships, shape project values, and drive research progress. This assessment was adapted from a tool provided by the University of Kansas Medical Center for Frontiers: The Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research # UL1TR000001 (formerly […]