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ADVANCE: Patient Engagement Panel (PEP) Member Bi-Annual Check-in Survey

ADVANCE uses this survey to regularly check in on the members of their Patient Engagement Panel. This survey collects information on their satisfaction with the group, goals for work, and other feedback. The survey is one example of a way to collect feedback from stakeholders.

Mid-South CDRN: Community Engagement Studio Toolkit 2.0

The Community Engagement Studio Toolkit is part of a service offered by the Meharrry-Vanderbilt Community Engage Research Core (CERC) stemming from the Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR). This toolkit helps increase the capacity of researchers to engage the community in research activities by providing a framework for them to work from. Use […]

American Institutes for Research (AIR) Principles for Making Health Care Measurement Patient Centered

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) developed five principles for patient-centered measurement (PCM) with input from a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders including patients. These principles describe the essential elements and characteristics of PCM. Pam Dardess, MPH, Principal Researcher Published: April 2017

Best Practice Sharing Session: Engagement of Multiple Stakeholder Groups

LaCDRN discusses their approaches to engaging multiple stakeholder groups. In this webinar, originally hosted on June 23, 2015, you can learn about LaCDRN’s structure and how they integrate the voices of different groups within that structure. Speakers: Dr. Rebekah Angrove, LaCDRN Sarah Pallin, LaCDRN

PaTH to Health Diabetes Study: Post Cards and Digital Newsletters

The “sneak peek” postcards are distributed to primary care providers, patient partners, and stakeholders to increase their exposure to PaTH’s free bi-annual digital newsletter and feature a QR code that links directly to the newsletter. Use the postcards and newsletters below to help develop and create marketing materials for your organization. Promotional Postcards PaTH to Health Diabetes Postcard (promo […]