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NephCure Kidney Network: Research Request Form

NephCure Kidney Network developed a research request form using similar forms on the Commons as a guide After initial drafting, this form went through several rounds of feedback from their Research Committee and other stakeholder groups. This form can be used to request data or other types of collaboration from NKN or can be used […]

NephCure Kidney Network: Data Access Committee Standard Operating Procedures

This document discusses the NephCure Kidney Network Data Access Committee Standard Operating Procedures. This document covers what processes should be used by members to uphold NephCure Kidney Network data policies. Published: January 12, 2018

NephCure Kidney Network: External Data Sharing Policy

This document details NephCure Kidney Network’s External Data Sharing Policy, meaning it discusses the network’s data sharing procedures for projects outside of PCORnet. This policy can be used to learn more about NephCure Kidney Network’s policies or used to help develop a data sharing policy of your own. Published: January 12, 2018

NephCure Kidney Network: Research Committee Standard Operating Procedure

This document provides details on the operations of NephCure Kidney Networks’s Research Committee. This document explains the processes of the committee as well as it’s structure and membership. You can use this document to learn more about this committee’s function or help develop your own.

NephCure Kidney Network: Patient Registry Informed Consent

This is an example of an Informed Consent agreement from NephCure Kidney Network. The document explains the risks and benefits of participating in research studies and lists the participant’s rights. Use this as an example for creating an Informed Consent form. Published: February 2016