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Best Practice Sharing Session: Sourcing, cataloguing, and disseminating research innovations across PCORnet

This Best Practice Sharing Session discusses the process the Research Innovations Workgroup used to identify innovation needs in the network, detailed their use of the Commons to facilitate cross-network collaboration, and showcased the resulting products. Five areas of interested surfaced and the workgroup leveraged the PCORnet Commons as a collaboration platform – encouraging networks to […]

Obesity Antibiotics Study: Stakeholder Engagement in Studies Toolkit

This collection of stakeholder engagement tools was developed with the Executive Antibiotics Stakeholder Advisory Group (EASAG) for the PCORnet Obesity Antibiotics Study (ABX Study).  The toolkit includes an engagement checklist, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template, and stakeholder feedback survey. Comprehensive Toolkit Stakeholder Engagement Checklist Memorandum of Understanding Stakeholder Feedback Survey Author(s): ABX Study Dissemination Workgroup and […]

Improving Collaboration among Health Communication, Health Education, and Health Literacy

Authors: Marin P. Allen, Elaine Auld, Robert Logan, J. Henry Montes, and Stacey Rosen This discussion paper published by the National Academy of Medicine on July 10, 2017, provides a call-to-action for health communication, health education, and health literacy practitioners to work together to enhance human health, improve health outcomes, and reduce health disparities.

Writing for the Clinical Research Setting

View a collection of webinars presented by Jonathan McCall, MS, the Managing Editor for Rethinking Clinical Trials and a senior science writer and editor for the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Each webinar provides an introduction to a particular aspect of writing for the clinical research space including: Writing peer-reviewed articles White papers Guidance documents Managing the […]

Rethinking Clinical Trials (R): A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials

NIH Collaboratory’s Rethinking Clinical Trials: A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials is a resource that provides information about how to understand, design, conduct, analyze & disseminate pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs). If you use materials from the Living Textbook, guidance on proper citation can be found here: https://sites.duke.edu/rethinkingclinicaltrials/how-to-cite/  

PCORnet Publication Guidance Document

This document was created by the Research Committee Publications Working Group and provides recommendations for authorship, manuscript concepts, writing teams, review and approval process, acknowledgments, and resolution of disputes. The document also includes appendices which may be modified for your purposes.