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PCORnet Obesity Demo Projects: Study Initiation Guide

Purpose Statement (as written by the authors): This document provides a comprehensive guide for consideration at the start of PCORnet studies for use by investigators and PCORnet leadership. It is intended to serve as a tool to stimulate discussion and provide guidance for planning and decision-making during PCORnet study development. Published: April 27, 2018 Authors: […]

ABX Study: Lay Study Guide

Provides an overview of the PCORnet Obesity Antibiotics Study in plain, easy-to-understand language. Includes an overview of the study process, explains the goals and aims of the project and lays out details about stakeholder engagement, data use, protection, and analysis. Published: April 17, 2018

Best Practice Sharing Session: Lessons Learned in ADAPTABLE

This presentation served to provide information about starting up the ADAPTABLE trial. Lessons learned on recruitment and retention are shared. Download the presentation. Watch the recording. Presented: March 7, 2018 Speakers: Dr. Holly Robertson, PhD, Duke and Dr. Schuyler Jones, MD, Duke

PCORnet Bariatric Study: Scientific Writing Lay Guide

This scientific writing lay guide was developed by the PCORnet Bariatric Study (PBS). The guide provides an overview of the general scientific manuscript writing process, including¬†International Committee of Medical Journal Editors¬†(ICJME) criteria guidelines, journal submission, and the specific process used in PBS. The guide can be shared with non-scientific stakeholders and revised to reflect the […]

PCORnet Bariatric Study: Analytic Plan

Use the PCORnet Bariatric Study’s detailed analytic plan to inform the development of your own comprehensive analysis plan. This plan was developed by the Methods Core with feedback from the Scientific Core, Executive Bariatric Stakeholder Advisory Group, and the Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN) Bariatric Principal Investigators. Published: August 22, 2017