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PCORnet Clinical Engagement Value Proposition

This resource – developed by the PCORnet Engagement Committee – provides a clear proposition for the value of incorporating research into daily medical practice that had not previously been well described or adopted. As stated in the document, “Fully engaging practicing clinicians in research and dissemination of findings accelerates patient engagement and study recruitment, increases quality […]

Best Practice Sharing Session: Clinician Engagement

Engaging clinicians in research comes with many challenges, but there are also many key solutions. This presentation, hosted both on May 20th and May 21st, 2015 outlines these aspects and steps to engaging clinicians throughout the research process. Speakers: Dr. Robert Mentz, Duke University Dr. Matthew Roe, Duke University PCORnet Clinician Engagement

Best Practice Sharing Session: Using Narratives to Promote Engagement: The MyPaTH Story Project

Kathleen McTigue, MD, MPH describes how the PaTH Network has developed the MyPaTH Story Project, an archive of patient stories, to support the development of people-centered research questions in PCORnet and facilitate patient engagement in patient-centered outcomes research. The presentation describes how patients helped shape the project, the data that accompanies each story, and how […]

Clinician Engagement for Continuous Learning

This discussion paper was published on March 6, 2017, in the National Academy of Medicine’s NAM Perspectives. The writers address how clinicians can advance and benefit from a continuously learning health system and also describe: The potential and importance of engaging clinicians in knowledge generation The challenges and strategies for aligning priorities between clinicians and researchers The […]