Strategies to Increase Inclusiveness

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A community-partnered, participatory cluster-randomized study of depression care quality improvement:  Three-year outcomes July 2017, Psychiatric Services, Ong, M.K. et al.


Article highlights the incorporation of Community Partnered Participatory Research Network’s (CPPRN) principles of trust development, respect, equal power sharing, and two-way knowledge exchange in clinical research.

  • Community Engagement and Planning was more effective than Resources for Services in improving mental health-related quality of life, reducing hospitalizations, and shifting services toward community-based programs.
Strategies addressing barriers to clinical trial enrollment of underrepresented populations: A systematic review Nov. 2014, Contemporary Clinical Trials

Heller, C. et al.

Multiple and flexible strategies targeting providers and participants at provider sites and within communities might be needed to enroll underrepresented populations into clinical trials.
Brief Report: Recruitment and Retention of Minority Children for Autism Research Sept. 2015, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Zamora, I. et al. Culture-specific, parent-centered approaches were found to be successful in engaging and retaining Latino participants for research involving genetic testing.
How are we communicating about clinical trials?: An assessment of the content and readability of recruitment resources July 2014, Contemporary Clinical Trials, Friedman, D.B. et al. Study provides insight on content difficulty and readability:

  • Only 30% of resources had an explicit call to action
  • Mean readability level was Grade 11.7
  • Web-based materials were significantly more likely to be written at a higher grade level than print
Culturally Competent Strategies for Recruitment and Retention of African American Populations into Clinical Trials Oct. 2015 Clinical and Translational Science, Otado, J. et al. Cultural competence is critical to successful recruitment strategies.

Best practices:

  • Practice cultural sensitivity by demonstrating a caring attitude and respond to participants needs.
  • Research teams should:
    • Consist of multi-ethnic staff
    • Involve the community
    • Demonstrate trust
    • Provide concise education about the study
More Minorities Needed in Clinical Trials to Make Research Relevant to All Association of American Medical Colleges Key Strategies include:

  • Building trust through stronger relationships with community members
  • Effectively communicating the high value of participation
EMPaCT (Enhancing Minority Participation in Clinical Trials):



National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (Funder) Training courses include:

  • Building Trust and Establishing Rapport
  • Successful Models for Minority Recruitment
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • Increasing Clinical Trial Awareness among Minorities
  • Assessing Effectiveness of Minority Recruitment Efforts

Resources include:

  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Online training programs
  • Other educational tools
The Role of Nonverbal Communication Behaviors in Clinical Trial and Research Study Recruitment June 2016, Journal of Health Communication, Morgan, S.E. et al
  • Non-verbal communication may have an important influence on study recruitment success.
  • Recruiters look for non-verbal clues about a potential participant’s state of mind, then use nonverbal communication to achieve a sense of convergence.
Strategies to Build Trust and Recruit African American and Latino Community Residents for Health Research: A Cohort Study June 2015, Clinical and Translational Science, Sankare, I.C. et al
  • High levels of research participation/completion when recruitment strategies emerged from the community itself
  • Recruitment strategies based on Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR) principles may help more effectively address disparities
Recruiting minorities where they receive care: Institutional barriers to cancer clinical trials recruitment in a safety-net hospital Nov. 2009, Contemporary Clinical Trials, Joseph, G. & Dohan, D. Suggests a need to address role of institutional barriers to minority recruitment to clinical trials.


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