PCORnet Study Management Materials

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The table below contains an evolving compilation of study management resources and tools from across PCORnet.

Checklists, Policies, and Other Guidance

SCILHS: Publications and Presentations Policy and Procedures
ADVANCE: Research Glossary
GRIPP2 Reporting Checklists: Tools to Improve Reporting of Patient and Public Involvement in Research
REACHnet: An overview and implications for clinical research
Rare Diseases Task Force Guidance Document
PEDSnet: Research Resources
PARTNERS: Research Collaboration Expectations
PEDSnet: IRB/Regulatory Resources
SMART IRB: Toolkit 1.0
Mid-South CDRN: Trial Accrual Tool and Instructions
CENA: Organization Research Inventory Survey

Consent Process, Diversity, and Inclusion

NephCure Kidney Network: Patient Registry Informed Consent
AR-PoWER: May 2015 Introduction and Consent Language
PRIDEnet: Assessing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity for Research

Research Proposals and Collaboration Management

PRIDEnet: The PRIDE Study Ancillary Study Proposal Form
CENA: Template for Research Proposal Using PXE International Resources
CENA: Research Proposal Form JSRDF
NephCure Kidney Network: Research Request Form
PARTNERS: June 2016 Research Collaboration Intake Form
PARTNERS: Research Collaboration Evaluation Form
MS-PPRN: iConquerMS Research Proposal Development and Review Process
MS-PPRN: Revised iConquerMS Research Project Development, Review, and Implementation Process
MS-PPRN: iConquerMS Research Proposal Form

Study Plans and Toolkits

PARTNERS: Research Dissemination Plan
Obesity Antibiotics Study: Analytic Plan
Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Patient & Caregiver Powered Research Network (AD-PCPRN): Study Plan
Obesity Antibiotics Study: Evaluation Plan
People-Driven Research Toolkit


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