PaTH Network Protocol Review Committee (PNPRC)

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The PaTH Network Protocol Review Committee (PNPRC) meets to provide an inclusive pre-IRB review of all multi-site network studies going through a central IRB process. Composed of one patient or community partner and one IRB-affiliated member from each participating site, the PNPRC review ensures each of many diverse communities and institutions have input on the research in which they participate.

Outline of the process:

  1. Study team notifies PNPRC when materials will be ready for review
  2. A PNPRC meeting is scheduled for at least 1 week after receipt of study materials
  3. Approximately 1 week after the PNPRC meeting, a summary document outlining issues raised/comments made during the review is provided to the study team
  4. The study team sends the PNPRC a response document (and any updated study documents) addressing items raised by the PNPRC
  5. Study team is provided with a “PNPRC Review Completion Document” to be submitted along with the review and response documents, to the IRB of record.

The documents below provide greater detail about the PNPRC and can be used as guidance for developing your own stakeholder-centered groups and processes.

Published: September 6, 2018


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