Best Practice Sharing Session: The Brain Health Registry Caregiver and Study Partner Portal from The Alzheimer’s PPRN

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The Alzheimer’s PPRN describes their use of the Brain Health Registry Caregiver and Study Partner Portal in this PCORnet Best Practice Sharing Session.

The online tool facilitates people-centered health research by assisting with recruitment, engagement, assessment, and education of caregivers.

Dr. Michael W. Weiner, MD, Dr. Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD and Dr. Rachel L. Nosheny, PhD discuss the data collected using the Caregiver Portal and its potential impact on dementia research as well as ways the portal can be used to engage caregivers and study partners within and outside the PCORnet community.

Presented on March 7, 2017

Speakers: Michael W. Weiner, MD, AD-PCPRN, Ronald C. Petersen, MD, PhD, AD-PCPRN, Rachel Nosheny, PhD, AD-PCPRN


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