Best Practice Sharing Session: Sourcing, Cataloguing, and Disseminating Research Innovations Across PCORnet

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This Best Practice Sharing Session discusses the process the Research Innovations Workgroup used to identify innovation needs in the network, detailed their use of the Commons to facilitate cross-network collaboration, and showcased the resulting products. Five areas of interested surfaced and the workgroup leveraged the PCORnet Commons as a collaboration platform – encouraging networks to upload information on tool development and implementation. Uploads and traffic were tracked and the workgroup decided to curate two guidance documents – one on direct-to-consumer recruitment and one on dissemination of results. The guidance documents were released and serve the dual purpose of disseminating current tool development and incentivizing further Commons uploads and activity.

Presented on September 5, 2018

Speakers: Dr. Tom Carton and Joanna Ball, MSPH


best practice sharing session, research, recruitment, dissemination