Best Practice Sharing Session: Leveraging Social Media to Raise Awareness and Build Community

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Social media specialists Joseph M. Coe, MPA from the PCORnet Patient-Powered Research Network, Arthritis Power (AR-PoWER PPRN), and M. Patricia McAdams, MS from PCORnet’s first demonstration study, ADAPTABLE, explore the opportunities and obstacles for leveraging social media in a network, including best practices and case studies to enhance understanding.

The session covers how to use metrics to inform channel strategy and content, how collaborations and partnerships can help reach more people and offers guidelines, best practices, and useful tools and tips.

Presented: June 8, 2017

Speaker: Joseph M. Coe, Global Healthy Living Foundation and Patty McAdams, Duke Clinical Research Institute 


best practice sharing session, engagement, outreach, social media, ADAPTABLE, AR-PoWR PPRN