Commons Monthly Round-Up: June 2017

Welcome to the July Round-Up!
Below is a quick snapshot of the PCORnet Commons community activity over the past month.

Numbers at a Glance:

New Resources New Groups New Forum Topics New Members:
3 0 5 11


Groups & Forums
June brought tremendous activity within existing Commons groups.

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Welcome new Commons Community

  • Aaron Seib
  • Amanda Hicks
  • Deborah Loer
  • Jacquelyn Favours
  • Jess Siebert
  • Joan Leavey
  • Laura Ng
  • Mary Havens
  • Mary Schroeder
  • Rachael Fleurence
  • Sarah Nocito

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We fixed it!

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Extra! Extra!

  • Check the PCORnet Commons calendar for upcoming events, webinars, conferences, and continuing education opportunities.

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