Commons Monthly Round-Up: August 2017

The Commons Community was on fire this month (28 new members!). See below for the latest updates.

Numbers at a Glance:

New Resources New Groups New Forum Topics New Members:
12 0 4 28

Featured Updates

Collaboration for Innovation
Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Commons and is meant to help people in and outside of PCORnet connect effortlessly. PCORnet’s Research Innovations Work Group is a leader in this area and has connected with the Trial Innovations Network to cross-promote their Clinical Trial Toolkits.

Look out for a guest blog from Tom Carton, Principal Investigator of REACHnet, about the importance of leveraging cross-promotional opportunities to spur collaboration and innovation in health research.

Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement
August’s Best Practice Sharing Session,Stakeholder Contributions to Scientific Manuscripts and A Web-Based Platform for Engaging and Connecting Patients & Caregivers” included lessons learned from the PCORnet Bariatric Study (PBS) team on meaningfully including stakeholders in their study.

PBS Co-PI, Dr. Kathleen McTigue, wants Commons users to weigh in on use of online communities for engagement and thoughts on how to meaningfully engage stakeholders in the scientific publication process. What do you think works, or doesn’t?


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Groups & Forums

Groups are a great way to connect with others, discuss challenges, and share solutions. Join one today!


Welcome new Commons Community members!

  • Alison Marvin
  • Allyson Sullivan
  • Andrea Cohen
  • Brett Davis
  • Casey Savin
  • Cassandra Pineda
  • Cassie Clinton
  • Chris Fierer
  • Dale Hesdorffer
  • David Meltzer
  • David Szczerepa
  • Ellen Auerbach Grody
  • Eric Larson
  • James Gentry
  • Kalyani Thampi
  • Mariko Stronach
  • Megan O’Boyle
  • Mimi Dalaly
  • Nathan Young
  • Paul A Harris
  • Piri L Welcsh
  • Ro-Jay Reid
  • Scott Keating
  • Therese Miller
  • Vanessa Carrillo
  • Vojtech Huser
  • Zachary Goodman
  • Zachary Grinspan

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