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Stakeholder Engagement Approaches

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This is a space for PCORnet stakeholders to discuss current approaches and best practices for engagement.

Recommendations for Engagement

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    Joanna Ball

    Several high-level engagement recommendations have surfaced during the Engagement Committee’s past couple face-to-face meetings and at the February 20 PCORnet Retreat.  Share your thoughts on these recommendations and add other ideas to the list by commenting below.



    Do not fund anything without engagement early and often and equitably (focus on
    most vulnerable pops)
    o Adequate funding for engagement training and execution; budget should reflect
    throughout (for training and implementation)

    I think the above two bullets in the intro link say a LOT!  We need to build research from the bottom up with engagement as the base.  We need to fund and train “engagers and engaged” people in a way that has not previously been standard.  I am convinced that when that empowerment happens, research will lurch forward with a new richness and intensity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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