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Stakeholder Engagement Approaches

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This is a space for PCORnet stakeholders to discuss current approaches and best practices for engagement.

Questions for Discussion

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    Kathleen Murphy
    • How are stakeholders engaged in your network?
    • Are stakeholders involved in reviewing requests for access to network data? Do they review proposals? If so, which? Do they review requests for de-identified data, or only those that request identifiable data or will contact study participants?
    • Do stakeholders see the queries that are submitted?
    • What is the review process? Are there guidelines or a template? What specifically do the stakeholders look for (e.g., patient engagement plan; consideration of patient concerns, preferences, values; dissemination plan)
    • If a review is done by stakeholders, what is the process for providing recommendations to the PI on their engagement plan, etc.?
    • How much weight do the stakeholders’ recommendations carry? Does your network require the PI to respond and make changes as recommended, or are they considered suggestions rather than requirements?
    • Do stakeholders provide other types of input, e.g., regarding network operations and policies?
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