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Returning Study Results

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A sub-group of the Research Innovations Work Group to study the landscape of information, guidelines, principles and resources around the subject of returning study results to participants, evaluate existing tools and/or develop common tools and promote collaboration across PCORnet, the national RIC and beyond.
The scope of this group is limited to the process of returning final study results to participants and not the return of individual study results to participants.

Annotation: PARTNERS Research Dissemination Plan

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    Joanna Ball

    Title: PARTNERS Research Dissemination Plan

    Provides very brief background on PARTNERS dissemination methods and ideology and lays out a simple framework for defining when and how research activities and findings are communicated to stakeholders.

    Scope and Illustration of Use:

    • Dissemination template provides an outline for how to structure your communications materials
    • To use, researchers answer a series of questions that help refine and focus their study-related messaging
    • Can be used to communicate about ongoing study activities and/or study results
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