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Building Trustworthiness

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The Building Trustworthiness community was born from a workshop of the same name held in March 2016. Members will use this space to continue the conversation about building trust in clinical research.

Your experience with trust and trustworthiness

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    Aliaa Barakat

    Hello All,

    Wonderful to have this forum to share and exchange ideas about building trust and trustworthiness in clinical care and research, and continue the conversation we started during the March workshop on Building Trustworthiness. To pick up from where we left off at the workshop:

    Describe your experience with trust and trustworthiness for your community. What can we do to continue to build trustworthiness in clinical research?

    I am a Patient Partner with SCILHS CDRN. To me, meaningful measures of the healthcare system are the degree to which it promotes trust of the patient in the care and trustworthiness by those involved in the caring. At the core of clinical decision-making should be the values and preferences of patients, and the best supportive evidence from clinical research.


    Kiely Law

    Thank you for keeping this important discussion about Trustworthiness in all our minds. I have lots of thoughts about what has worked in our community. I think one of the key elements in building trustworthiness in clinical research is developing SHARED GOALS among patients, clinicians, researchers, and health systems.  I think when individuals with diverse perspectives come together and work toward a common goal, then trust can begin and grow.

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    Tom Caruso

    Hi Kiely,

    Developing SHARED GOALS certainly would be effective.  It seems that such an effort to get SHARED GOALS would take a lot of resources and time.  Any suggestions about how to efficiently and effectively develop those SHARED GOALS?


    Aliaa Barakat

    Hi Kiely and Tom,

    I think that while clinical research can and does have multiple stakeholders, one shared goal is that it be uncompromisingly done to benefit the patient, the primary stakeholder in clinical care and research.



    Agreed.  Now that we have committed to this patient centered, patient powered approach and have rallied so many folks around that concept, we need to be true to that by assuring that the patient is the primary stakeholder and not the researcher or the clinician or the payor or anyone but the patient (except when the caregiver is the voice, eyes and ears for the patient in which case the caregiver is the primary stakeholder).

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