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PCORnet LHS Communities

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This group will house documentation and resources associated with the PCORnet Learning Health System (LHS) Communities project.

As PCORnet seeks to explore models to create vibrant and effective people-centered communities, PCORI has provided support to conduct a pilot test of the Learning Network model to determine how to develop and adapt it within PCORnet.

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N/A FAQ: PCORI LHS Pilot Community, Nov. 2 – Budget & Staffing
Created: November 3, 2017

Q:  What cost items are allowable in our budget? A:  You should follow the normal PCORI guidelines. Q:  What will our award consist of? A:  Awards will consist of your direct and indirect costs, as well as any resources and support services that we may need to provide to your network. Q:  What is the purpose of network awards? A:  The overarching purpose of awards is to build up each network’s capability so that they can sustain the work after […]

N/A FAQs: PCORI LHS Pilot Community Office Hours, Nov. 16 and 20
Created: November 20, 2017

Q: My understanding is that Cincinnati will provide 0.1 FTE to the PPRNs mostly dedicated to supporting possible integration between data systems, with the goal of connecting those systems to the LHS Registry Platform.  Yet PPRNs will have other data needs connected with integrating to the LHS Registry. Is it correct that CCH will not provide any support that is not related to integration with the LHS Registry Platform?     A:  That is correct.  The LHS Informatics team is focused […]

N/A Video links to Office Hours recordings
Created: November 17, 2017

For PPRNs’ reference as they build their applications, and for the wider LHS Community, we would like to make available recordings of some Office Hours webinars. Keep in mind, the FAQs posted in the PCORI LHS Communities group are meant to be comprehensive of the issues discussed on the webinars. Indeed with the benefit of time and consideration, as well as similar questions discussed during 1:1 coaching calls, the resulting FAQs are often more precise and detailed than what you […]

N/A QI Curriculum Guide + QI Checklist
Created: November 14, 2017

During 1:1 Coaching Calls, one these documents from ICN were mentioned and we thought it would be useful to share with the LHS Community. Please contact Sarah Myers ( or with any questions about these guidelines.

N/A FAQ + slides: PCORI LHS Pilot Community Office Hours, Nov. 8 – Technology/Registry Development
Created: November 10, 2017

Q:  How do you handle working with different EMR vendors to make the flow of data work?  Should we include costs involved with that? A:  We can facilitate the conversation with EHR vendors Epic and Cerner as part of the project.  We use a very structured process to develop data capture so that it fits with clinical workflow.  Central to this process is parsimonious selection of measures, and careful piloting of the system (on paper on a small scale) and […]

N/A 4 coaching times available, or schedule your own!
Created: November 3, 2017

A few PPRN applicants have already scheduled 1:1 coaching calls. FYI, below are blocked times that you could claim.  If none of these times below works for your team, please suggest 2-3 times that would.  Also, providing bullets with desired discussion topics would be helpful.  To schedule, please email: or  Thank you! Mon, Nov 6, 4-5 pm EST Thu, Nov 16, 2-3 pm EST Mon, Nov 20, 9-10 am EST Wed, Nov 22, 4-5 pm EST

N/A FAQ: PCORI LHS Coaching Calls, Week of Oct 30
Created: November 3, 2017

Q: How do networks grow and how do we add more clinical sites to existing networks? A:  All of our networks are working on expanding their clinical site footprint. Generally, you should have an onboarding and orientation for new sites where they learn from those who have been doing the work for quite some time. We are comfortable supporting teams bringing in new clinical sites on a regular basis and can work with you to support the process depending on […]

N/A FAQ: PCORI LHS Pilot Collaborative, Oct. 26, 2017
Created: October 30, 2017

Q:  How many LOIs were submitted? Can you give any high-level comments on the LOIs? A:  We received 11 LOIs.  As we expected, the networks are at different stages of their development. Across the range 11 PPRNs, the total potential for impact is very high. First, we advise you to plan to make the work manageable, based on your current capacity.  If your network is very new, we would advise to think concretely about who are the patients and care […]

N/A UPDATED info for Office Hours!
Created: October 23, 2017

Please note: the webinar link for Office Hours has changed from Go-To-Meeting to Go-To-Webinar, in order to accommodate more participants.  You may update the info on your calendar. Additionally, we will update the meeting information in Outlook automatically, for those who have already accepted the meeting invite sent via email. Thu, Oct 26, 2017,  11 AM – 12 PM EDT Thu, Nov 2, 2017,  4 – 5 PM EDT.  TOPIC: Budget & Staffing (with Lisa Boerger) Wed, Nov […]

N/A FAQ: PCORI LHS Pilot Collaborative and RFA, Oct. 12, 2017 + Maturity Model
Created: October 13, 2017

Q:  Our Foundation will submit the application with partner academic institutions.  In the budget, how should we deal with indirect costs at academic institutions that are much higher than ours? A:  We will address this and other questions at our Office Hours call dedicated to your budget and our funding support. Q:  Would our having institutional partners agree to lower their indirect rates be considered in-kind support as per the RFA? A:  It could be considered a form of in-kind […]

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