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Direct to Patient Recruitment

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A sub-group of the Research Innovations Working Group (RIWG) to study the landscape of tools and resources around Direct to Patient Recruitment, evaluate existing tools and/or develop common tools, promote collaboration and promotion of tools across PCORnet, the RIC and beyond.

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    Jamie Roberts

    Eureka (formerly known as Health ePeople) is non-profit resource built by researchers at the University of California San Francisco with support from the NIH. It is designed to facilitate mobile and internet-based medical or health related research for investigators seeking to leverage technology to enhance the reach and efficiency of their research. The Eureka digital engagement platform is available to anyone who wants to conduct medical or health related human subject-based research, including NIH investigators, university or other non-profit investigators, industry investigators, citizen scientists, or others.

    The Eureka Platform is built with numerous features that make it easier to create and manage research studies. Investigators are able to create their ideal study workflow using Eureka’s robust yet flexible features, including (but not limited to)

    • Customizable recruitment, onboarding and consent (remote or in person)
    • Single sign-on registration system
    • Robust, configurable survey engine (a menu of previously utilized and previously validated surveys is available; new surveys are easily built)
    • Integration with external apps, sensors, and Bluetooth enabled devices, and the option to capture data collected from smartphones (such as HealthKit data, geolocation data, accelerometer/ activity data).
    • Connections to electronic health records from around the US
    • Randomization engine that allows for different stratification and blocking strategies.
    • Improved engagement with widely-tested user experiences and designs, gamification and “best practices” from a team with years of experience pioneering mobile research.
    • Study and participant management systems
    • Native mobile applications
    • State-of-the-art HIPAA compliant cloud-based data security system.


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