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Direct to Patient Recruitment

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A sub-group of the Research Innovations Working Group (RIWG) to study the landscape of tools and resources around Direct to Patient Recruitment, evaluate existing tools and/or develop common tools, promote collaboration and promotion of tools across PCORnet, the RIC and beyond.

Annotations: CENA: So You Want to Get on MOSAIC?

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    Rebecca Moultrie


    Mosaic (, managed by the UCSF CTSI (Grant Number UL1 TR000004), is a process to get input from patients and their families, disease advocates, researchers and healthcare providers in designing medical research studies through crowdsourcing. The site currently has three specialized research communities: 1) iCureCeliac Research Community, 2) JS-LIFE Research, and 3) PXE Community. More communities to be added.

    Research community participants are involved from the early planning stages, to input on the development and refinement of the study’s research plan, providing input on study progress updates, and dissemination of results.

    The resource for the annotation assignment is a document titled “So you want to get on Mosaic? Here’s a checklist!” The checklist provides guidance for planning a project using the Mosaic process. This includes the planning phase- such as questions to ask yourself/your research team e.g., “In your community, who is most active?”, “Who is perceived as a leader?” and steps to follow e.g., “Hold call with the Mosaic Team about initial aims”, “complete your draft of your own Mosaic project plan.” There are also steps to follow for the Action Phase and Forming a Core Research Team (CRT) phases of going through the Mosaic process.


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