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Direct to Patient Recruitment

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A sub-group of the Research Innovations Working Group (RIWG) to study the landscape of tools and resources around Direct to Patient Recruitment, evaluate existing tools and/or develop common tools, promote collaboration and promotion of tools across PCORnet, the RIC and beyond.

Annotations: Best Practice Sharing Session: Lessons Learned in ADAPTABLE

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    Mina Baqai

    This is a Best Practices webinar by the ADAPTABLE team that outlines several lessons learned across multiple domains, one of which is recruitment, much of which is direct-to-consumer. Of the five overall recruitment lessons learned – recruitment materials, phone scripts, clinician engagement, multiple touches, and multiple modal – the last two on multiple touches and modes best align with lessons specific to direct-to-consumer recruitment. The presentation also differentiates high touch – clinician engagement, in-clinic tablets/technology, and phone calls – from low touch approaches – patient portals, EHR best practice alerts, and mailed letters. A successful example of a multiple touch, multiple mode, and combination high and low touch recruitment strategy would be emails/alerts through patient portals, followed up with mailed letters and research team follow up phone calls. While there are many potential combinations of these mixed approaches, the overall point that translates to other studies targeting direct-to-consumer recruitment is to leverage multiple approaches, modes, and touches. Finally, the speakers highlight the importance of engaging patient-partners, in this case the ADAPTORS, for input related to recruitment design, materials, and monitoring.


    -Tom Carton

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