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How do you share info back to your communities? Discuss and share here!

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    Joanna Ball

    To help facilitate learning and collaboration, the Coordinating Center is currently curating best practices around dissemination and the meaningful return of study results to participants. Once we’ve collected your best strategies and tools, they will be pulled together into a single, evolving table and made available in the Resources Library. Please help us by commenting below and sharing examples of the strategies or tools your network uses to disseminate findings!



    Amanda Miller

    In my last position, we had a registry of about 1300 patients, families, and allies. 4 times per year, we sent a newsletter in which we had translated the findings from ours or other relevant studies into ~one page summaries written at a 7th grade reading level.  We are an academic institution, so we utilized undergraduate students studying journalism with experience or interest in research/medicine to read the articles, dissect them, and write the summaries. Once they drafted the summaries, the authors on the original article/members of the research team who had been involved in the project would review the articles and approve them for dissemination.

    This was one of my favorite means of disseminating the results to the participants who had been subjects in the research studies!


    Joanna Ball

    What an excellent example of collaboration! Thank you so much for sharing one of your favorite dissemination strategies @amanda-c-miller! I think this approach could potentially benefit many other networks.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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