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Community Engagement Webinar 2/23/17

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    Hello all!  I just received the following notice about a free webinar that is taking place next Thursday on Community Engagement in Research.  Here is a cut and paste of the notice, faculty and registration details.

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    <div class=”yj-message-body”><span id=”e7″ class=”yj-message-list-item–body-message yj-message” dir=”ltr” lang=”en” data-qaid=”message-text”>Title: Community Engagement in Research: Practical Tips for Researchers and Community-based Organizations

    Registration link:

    Date & Time: February 23, 2017; 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

    In this webinar PCORI-funded research teams will share practical tips and guidance for establishing partnerships between researchers and community-based organizations. Presenters will discuss ways that community-based organizations can prepare for engagement in patient-centered research and share lessons learned that will be valuable to researchers for engaging with local organizations.

    Learning Objectives:
    At the conclusion of this webinar, participants should be able to:
    • Describe actionable tips for community-based organizations to prepare for and participate in research.
    • Describe actionable tips for researchers to identify and prepare to partner with community organizations.
    • Explain the value that community organizations can bring to research teams.

    Featured Projects & Speakers:

    Nueva Vida Intervention: Improving QOL in Latina Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Caregivers
    Kristi D. Graves, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Department of Oncology
    Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
    Georgetown University

    Ivis Sampayo
    Senior Director of Programs at SHARE

    A Patient-Centered Framework to Test the Comparative Effectiveness of Culturally and Contextually Appropriate Program Options for Latinos with Diabetes from Low-Income Households
    Janet Page-Reeves, MA, PhD
    Anthropologist and Research Assistant Professor
    Office for Community Health
    Department of Family and Community Medicine
    University of New Mexico

    Lidia Regino
    Program Director
    Office for Community Health
    Department of Family and Community Medicine
    University of New Mexico</span></div>
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