Video links to Office Hours recordings

For PPRNs’ reference as they build their applications, and for the wider LHS Community, we would like to make available recordings of some Office Hours webinars.

Keep in mind, the FAQs posted in the PCORI LHS Communities group are meant to be comprehensive of the issues discussed on the webinars. Indeed with the benefit of time and consideration, as well as similar questions discussed during 1:1 coaching calls, the resulting FAQs are often more precise and detailed than what you may hear on the recordings themselves.  So PPRNs, please use both as a reference.


Budgets and Technology/Registry, 16 Nov 2017:

Network Maturity Model, 11 Nov 2017 :

Technology/Registry Development, 08 Nov 2017 :

Budget & Staffing, 02 Nov 2017:

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