Health in Our Hands Network Guide

This is a memo outlines recruitment methods for REACHnet’s patient network, Health in Our Hands. The project leverages several forms of direct-to-consumer recruitment, high and low touch. On the high touch side, REACHnet uses EHR-agnostic tablet computers in clinical settings to recruit patients directly from inside health systems. There are separate modules for adults and children (owing to different regulatory regimes), but both approaches use informational videos to introduce the network and e-consent to consent patients into the network. Also on the high touch side, REACHnet engages and trains community ambassadors to recruit people in the community – in churches, for example – through a tablet bases mobile application like the in-clinic version. On the low touch side, REACHnet leverages social media platforms like the REACHnet website, Facebook, and Twitter to offer online information about and consent into the network. With both community-based recruitment methods, REACHnet collects enough patient information to leverage a hashing and matching algorithm to match community recruited patients with their clinical records if they have visited REACHnet health systems in the last seven years.

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