EHR call 2/7 Notes and Recording

Our Final Report has been delivered to Tamara for the Genetic Alliance review. Again, my sincere thanks to you all for your hard work!

I described a call with Josh Mandel and David Kreda, from the “Sync for Science” initiative, during which we (myself, Chris Fierer, Ryan Magnes) described our pilot and its results. They were highly interested in our work, as it could easily be viewed as a “pilot for Sync for Science.” They were particularly interested in the “funnel” (Chris’ term) from number of consents, to number of accounts, to number of provider connections, to number of documents. Chris noted that our Final Report doesn’t include the number of connections, but that Medfusion included this number in its weekly reports to the PPRNs. I asked Medfusion if they could send me these connection numbers so that they could be added to the performance-metrics tables in the Final Report. Action (Allyson): Send Dixie the number of provider-connections made by each PPRN’s participants.

Dixie suggested we write a journal paper discussing our pilot and its results. I would write the paper primarily by crafting together extracts from our Final Report, and all of the project leadership (GA, PPRNs, Medfusion) would be listed as co-authors. Action (everyone): Please let me know whether you support this idea, and send any suggestions for potential journals.

Tamara has been working with PCORI to arrange for a presentation of our work to the PCORnet Council on April 20, with a potential in-depth discussion at the PPRN-only meeting scheduled for later that day. The format for the Council presentation is: 15-minute overview (me), followed by 3-4 minutes for each PPRN to present their plans moving forward from this work. Tamara will be sending out email with more detail.

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