EHR call 2/21 Notes and Recording

This Friday will be the last day for collecting data for this pilot.  Current status:

  • IAN has received no additional data, though a parent indicated that they had attempted to set up an account
  • PMS_DN reported that they still have not received any data.  They believe it may be an issue with entry of the Direct address.  Dori noted that this sounds suspicious and suggested that PMS_DN may want to retest with their Direct address.  Action (Dixie):  Send fake data from personal Medfusion account to the PMS_DN Direct address.    [Update:  Following our call, Liz reported that PMS_DN has received its first CCDA!!!  In addition, Dixie fulfilled her action and sent date to the PMS_DN address.]
  • NKN is holding at 7 CCDAs received.
Scoping:  As NKN has reported previously, early on, they decided to downscope the data set they would process to include only lab data.  Dixie asked whether other PPRNs had downscoped the data set.  Also, Dori pointed out that NKN did not parse the embedded HTML tables included in some of the CCDA documents. Action (Liz, Briella):  Liz will ask Paul what downscoping PMS_DN may have done, and Briella will check with her technical team re IAN downscoping. 
Incentives:  Dixie asked the PPRNs to speculate on whether they might have received more data had the participants been incentivized.  Paul and Briella reported that IAN participants actually were incentivized with an offer of Amazon gift cards.  Neither PMS_DN nor NKN incentivized their participants, and observed that they did not think an incentive would have made any difference.
Data Held by Medfusion Post Project:  Personal and clinical data held in the Medfusion server will remain in the server unless the individual participant deletes her account.  Asked what would happen if a participant tried to send data to a PPRN data after the Direct address expires, Allyson said users typically receive no feedback regarding whether a transmission was successful or not.  However the Medfusion back-end receives a bounce-back notice on failed transmissions.  The PPRNs suggested that perhaps the bounce-back notice might be redirected to the PPRN so that they could reach out to the participant, perhaps for 90 days after project end.  Action (Allyson):  Coordinate within Medfusion, and report back on how project close-out will be handled. 
Post-Project To-Do List:
  • Let people know that the Direct address no longer is available.  In particular, notify Consented people that data no longer should be sent.
  • Take Consent page down.
  • Move data from web server to internal (and better protected) data server.
  • Clean out email messages sent to Direct address — both data downloaded to internal email address and data persisted on HISP SMTP server.  PPRNs want all email messages addressed to them to be securely destroyed.  Action: Allyson will find out how clean-up will be achieved.
  • Archive documentation on Google Docs.  Action:  Dixie and Tamara will plan for archival and will report to PPRNs how to access documents produced by this project.
Future PCOR Presentation.  Tamara will be reaching out to the PPRNs regarding a presentation to the CDRNs and PPRNs.  Will be scheduled for April, after the Final Report has been delivered.

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