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N/A Strategies to Increase Inclusiveness
Created: June 18, 2018

The challenge of finding diverse study participants is pervasive and widespread in health research. Minority participation in clinical trials is less than 10%. This resource library provides evidence-based strategies for recruiting from minority and historically under-represented groups, including resources for improving cultural sensitivity and the representativeness of study teams, engaging under-represented populations in prioritizing and designing research projects, working to build trust with those communities and many others.

N/A RTI’s Consenter
Created: June 15, 2018

Hello, I posted the below summary under our Forum as a real-world example annotation but was unable to include an attachment. RTI International ( an independent, non-profit research institute, has developed a patient-centered interactive informed consent tool for clinical trials. CONSENTER ( uses evidence-based communication science strategies, including plain language, clear communication, and health literacy principles to deliver IRB-required informed consent information. The tool is customizable for each unique trial and population and can be delivered in multiple languages including American Sign […]

N/A Direct to Patient Recruitment
Created: May 29, 2018

N/A Dissemination of Results Compiled
Created: May 29, 2018

N/A Journal Article: American BRCA Outcomes and Utilization of Testing (ABOUT) Study
Created: June 12, 2018

Please see the attached journal article, “American BRCA Outcomes and Utilization of Testing (ABOUT) study: a pragmatic research model that incorporates personalized medicine/patient-centered outcomes in a real world setting” The article was published in the Journal of Genetic Counseling (2014)

N/A Applying Quality Improvement to Research: Change Package Template
Created: May 31, 2018

  “Applying Quality Improvement to Research:  Change Package Template” — will serve as a suggested resource for network (PIs, PMs, and leadership) to learn more about furthering quality improvement efforts for research activities in a learning health care system. Which is simply a learning health care system where we are gathering tools and resources collectively for Best Practices in research and building collaborations with our colleagues.  

N/A How UT Southwestern is doing DTP Recruitment
Created: May 3, 2018

N/A Yale Center for Clinical Investigation “Help us Discover” Theme and DTP Recruitment
Created: May 3, 2018

The attached is a presentation by Teisha Johnson, administrator of the Yale CTSA, about their DTP efforts and campaign (Help Us Discover) using all avenues and channels, including Epic’s MyChart.

N/A Health in Our Hands Network Guide
Created: April 25, 2018

This is a memo outlines recruitment methods for REACHnet’s patient network, Health in Our Hands. The project leverages several forms of direct-to-consumer recruitment, high and low touch. On the high touch side, REACHnet uses EHR-agnostic tablet computers in clinical settings to recruit patients directly from inside health systems. There are separate modules for adults and children (owing to different regulatory regimes), but both approaches use informational videos to introduce the network and e-consent to consent patients into the network. Also […]

N/A Dissemination and Implementation Science Resources
Created: April 19, 2018

Due to functionality of the PCORnet Commons, I am not able to copy/paste the Google Sheet directly into a document. So, I’ve elected to provide you with a link to the google sheet but ask that you consider providing comments/discussion points here as we move through the process of determining how we’ll use the resources we identify. We could also list other resources we identify here (e.g., links, profiles, tools, etc.).

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