Commons Monthly Round-Up: October 2018

The October Round-Up is here with a quick look at what’s happened in the Commons community over the last month. Take advantage of some of the newest resources and connect with our new members.

Numbers at a Glance:

New Resources New Members:
9 5

New Resources

The Commons team spent October combining some of your existing contributions into more streamlined landing pages with links to those specific tools. Organized around various topics, such as communications & marketing and data sharing, we hope that these new pages make it easier to navigate the resource library and find what you need. Keep reading for links to these new pages as well as new resources submitted by networks.




Note: We can help you turn resources into templates, toolkits, or guidance documents! Share your materials using the resource submission form (note: you must be logged in to access this form).

Friendly Reminders

Everyone’s Invited!

Tell your friends and colleagues to join the PCORnet Commons.

Welcome to our newest members:

  • Barbara Yawn
  • Carol Geary
  • Donna Woo
  • Erik Hess
  • Nicole Shaw

Get Involved in Groups

Groups are a great way to connect with others in the Network, discuss challenges, and share solutions.

Last month, PPRNs started a group to plan for their evolution and discuss ideas for sustainability and meaningful collaboration.  We encourage you to take similar action and start your own group or discussion!

It’s a Date

Check the PCORnet Commons calendar for upcoming events, webinars, and continuing education opportunities.

If you experience any technical issues, or have feedback, thoughts, or questions, please contact

To learn more about PCORnet, visit

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