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PCORnet Obesity Demo Projects: Cycles 1-5 Evaluation Survey Questions

This resource contains the PCORnet Obesity Demo Projects [Antibiotics Study (ABX) and the PCORnet Bariatric Study (PBS)] evaluation survey questions from interim evaluation cycles 1-5. The evaluation activities for the Obesity Demo Projects focused on assessment of overall network functionality and PCORnet infrastructure support of large-scale observational research. Study-specific language has been removed and the […]

SMART IRB Toolkit V1

This SMART IRB toolkit provides templates, guides, and best practices for institutions that would like to join SMART IRB or use it for a study. The toolkit chronologically outlines the necessary pieces around joining and using SMART IRB and provides support for both reviewing IRBs and relying institutions. Please reach out to Tamara Wurst (@tamara-wurst) if you […]

Best Practice Sharing Session: PCORnet Commons Tools for Electronic Consent Workgroup Webinar Series: Part 2

This presentation, originally recorded on, November 13, 2017, looked at e-consent from several different perspectives. The presentation discussed different technologies used to obtain consent in different contexts. It details different guidelines as well as use of layered consent. Speakers: Dr. Holly Peay, RTI Dr. Erin Rothwell, University of Utah David Borasky, WIRB-Copernicus Group    

Best Practice Sharing Session: Design and Development of an Operational Privacy Protecting Record Linkage Tool

Dr. Kho discussed how to protect and secure data online. He also explained the ongoing work to develop new security features. Speaker: Dr. Abel Kho, CAPriCORN PCORnet_Best_Practices_4_29_15 Presented on April 29, 2015

Best Practice Sharing Session: PROMIS and It’s Place in PCORnet

This presentation gave an overview of how PROMIS can provide reliable, flexible, and responsible treatment options to patients across multiple health domains. Speaker: Dr. David Cella, CAPriCORN PCORI Office Hours seminar_1-12-15_cella Presented on January 15, 2015

Best Practice Sharing Session: Statistical Analyses in Distributed Research Networks

Dr. Toh and Dr. Li gave examples of research conducted within distributed networks with horizontally partitioned data. They then hosted a discussion and spoke about how vertically partitioned data could be useful to PCORnet. Speakers: Dr. Darren Toh, Harvard Medical School/Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute Dr. Lingling Li, Harvard Medical School/Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute Statistical analyses […]

Best Practice Sharing Session: Privacy Protecting Record Linkage Tool

Protecting the privacy of patients while using their medical records is an important issue in today’s research world. This webinar, originally hosted on April 29th, 2015, discusses the design and development of an operational privacy protecting record linkage tool. Speakers: Dr.Abel Ko, CAPriCORN PCORnet BPSS Privacy Protecting Record Linkage tool. pdf

Best Practice Sharing Session: Telemedicine for remote electronic informed consent

This presentation, originally hosted on May 12, 2015, introduces doxy.me. This platform can be used to obtain informed consent online, from a remote location. Speakers: Dr. Brandon Welch   BPSS Telemedicine for Remote Electronic Informed consent

Best Practice Sharing Session: Adventures in EHR Computable Phenotypes

The Southeastern Diabetes Initiative attempted to identify patients at risk for diabetes. This webinar, originally hosted on August 5th, 2015, discusses the study and it’s discoveries using EHR and phenotypes across multiple sites. Speakers: Dr. Joseph Lucas, Health Systems Operations, Information Initiative at Duke University Ben Neely, DCRI Dr. Rachel Richesson, Duke University School of […]