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PEDSnet IRB/Regulatory Resources

Published by Adrianna Evans | updated on September 19, 2017

Click here to find all of PEDSnet's resources surrounding IRB or regulatory policies hosted on their website. Learn more about their policies and programs surrounding their Institutional Review Board. There are resources on human subjects protection, non-human subjects research, site surveys, PI responsibilities, board authorization, and more.   Find all of PEDSnet's resources at Read more

Eureka Digital Research Platform

Published by Joanna Ball | updated on July 18, 2017

This resource provides background information about the Eureka Digital Research Platform developed by the Health eHeart Alliance. Eureka was built by Health eHeart Alliance researchers from the University of California San Francisco and sponsored by the NIH. The platform is available to anyone who wants to conduct medical or health-related human subject-based research, including citizen-scientists, NIH investigators, university or other non-profit investigators, industry investigators or others. Read more

Rare Diseases Task Force Guidance Document

Published by Joanna Ball | updated on May 5, 2017

This guidance document is intended for PCORnet-affiliated researchers who are planning or implementing recruitment and retention activities for PCORnet rare disease research cohorts. The document was collectively written and edited by the inaugural members of the PCORnet Rare Diseases Task Force (RDTF). The document was published May 2015. Read more

Rethinking Clinical Trials (R): A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Published by Joanna Ball | updated on August 7, 2017

NIH Collaboratory’s Rethinking Clinical Trials: A Living Textbook of Pragmatic Clinical Trials is a resource that provides information about how to understand, design, conduct, analyze & disseminate pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs). If you use materials from the Living Textbook, guidance on proper citation can be found here:   Read more