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PCORnet Clinical Engagement Value Proposition

Published by Joanna Ball | updated on December 20, 2017

This resource - developed by the PCORnet Engagement Committee - provides a clear proposition for the value of incorporating research into daily medical practice that had not previously been well described or adopted. As stated in the document, "Fully engaging practicing clinicians in research and dissemination of findings accelerates patient engagement and study recruitment, increases quality of research and care, especially integrating results into clinical practice. For all of these reasons, it is essential to operationalize this value proposition and identify and resource solutions." Developed by: The PCORnet Engagement Committee Published: December 2017  Read more

IBD Partners: Principles for Patient Collaboration V1

Published by Joanna Ball | updated on January 3, 2018

This resource was created by the IDB Partners Patient Governance Committee and intended to be given to investigators at the beginning of a project to help facilitate an open dialog with the patient collaborator(s). Use this to develop your own principles for effective stakeholder communication. Author(s): IDB Partners Patient Governance Committee Published: November 1, 2017 Read more

Best Practice Sharing Session: Clinician Engagement

Published by Adrianna Evans | updated on November 13, 2017

Engaging clinicians in research comes with many challenges, but there are also many key solutions. This presentation, hosted both on May 20th and May 21st, 2015 outlines these aspects and steps to engaging clinicians throughout the research process. Speakers: Dr. Robert Mentz, Duke University Dr. Matthew Roe, Duke University PCORnet Clinician Engagement Read more

Best Practice Sharing Session: Engagement of Multiple Stakeholder Groups

Published by Adrianna Evans | updated on November 13, 2017

LaCDRN discusses their approaches to engaging multiple stakeholder groups. In this webinar, originally hosted on June 23, 2015, you can learn about LaCDRN's structure and how they integrate the voices of different groups within that structure. Speakers: Dr. Rebekah Angrove, LaCDRN Sarah Pallin, LaCDRN [video width="1024" height="768" mp4=""][/video] Read more