Picture of a stethoscope on top of papers with a pen to the side.

Commons Mission & Resources

The PCORnet Commons mission is to enable sharing, collaboration, and transparency to accelerate people-centered health research.   To help you get started with the¬†PCORnet Commons, we have created an informational presentation and helpful infographic.


PCORnet is driven to conduct research that helps people make informed healthcare decisions relevant to their most pressing needs. The goal of the PCORnet Commons is to provide opportunities to increase collaboration, efficiency, and people-centeredness in research. The Commons is a space for you to share resources, engage in dialogue, and learn from one another.

About PCORnet

PCORnet is a large, highly representative national patient-centered health research network. To learn more, please click here.

PCORnet is made up of 20 Patient-Powered Research Networks (PPRNs) and 13 Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs). PPRNs are governed by groups of patients and their partners focused on one or more specific conditions or communities, and interested in sharing health information and participating in research. CDRNs are based in healthcare systems such as hospitals, integrated delivery systems, and federally qualified health centers.

PCORnet exists to perform rigorous research on a broad range of topics and the scientific expertise, large population size, and diversity of the network make it a unique resource for both observational and interventional studies. Click here to learn more about the networks in PCORnet.